This is the Signal City news crawl....Cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later in the day. High near 65F....Police seek witness from last night's double homicide in Century Park....Mayor Hatchett celebrates first anniversary in office....Commissioner Danes' corruption conviction to be reversed....John C. Grubin High School Class of '70 celebrates their 40th "Groovin' High" reunion....The Signal City Sea Dragons defeat the Langdon Lions 13-2....Third robbery in 2 weeks at a Daylight Savings and Loan bank....Power pill "could become a reality" within the decade....SCPD raid Hundred Tower....Councilman O'Connor: "No new superheroes!"....Dracula fish shows baby teeth....Four men escaped Winston Maximum Security Prison during last week's riot. If you have any knowledge of their whereabouts, please notify the SCPD immediately....85% of citizens are "upbeat about the future" according to a recent poll....

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